There’s a good chance stress has been a top health risk in your organization. This not only impacts employee’s health, it also has an impact on the bottom line. One recent study found that among employees who report high stress, 51% are disengaged from their work, while only 9% report feeling engaged.

One successful approach to combatting stress and improving overall well-being is through mindfulness, or a focused effort to be aware of your thoughts and feelings in a particular situation or moment. StayWell can enhance your clients’ well-being offerings with our new workshop series, “The Best Possible You – Better Health Through Greater Awareness.”

The series features three 15-minute self-directed, online sessions using videos, articles and quizzes during which participants learn how mindfulness can be a defense against stress and anxiety.

From there, a 21-day guided meditation program creates interest in topics that help individuals build skills to make mindfulness part of their daily routine. Meditation sessions increase in length from seven minutes on day one up to 20 minutes by the end of the program.

Key points for employers to consider

Mindfulness is:

  • The opposite of being on autopilot
  • Being aware of thoughts and feelings “in the moment”
  • Focusing on productive thoughts

Why it matters:

  • Long-term stress can have significant health consequences, contributing to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, anxiety, insomnia, and cancer
  • Mindfulness has been found to: soothe anxiety; boost the immune system; improve focus, memory and thinking skills; improve sleep; and support weight management

If you have clients who are expanding their philosophy and their employee wellness programs to encompass all aspects of well-being, “The Best Possible You” may be an ideal strategy to support these efforts and to create positive change in their workforce.

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