An Active Approach to Improving Outcomes.

From initial discovery to complete recovery, Krames is there throughout the entire patient experience. It starts with engaging, health literate content that empowers patients to actively participate in their own health journey. This is how we’re activating health and delivering value to healthcare organizations and the patients they serve.


Patient video education has a new dynamic duo: Krames + The Wellness Network


Igniting more efficient clinical workflows and fueling engagement for 90+ hospitals


Clinical workflow that flows.

With tools like Krames On FHIR® integrated seamlessly into your EHR, Krames is more than just a health content provider. On-point health content and interactive resources are delivered to patients at the point of care. This keeps things moving and frees up clinicians to focus on areas of greatest impact—like patient care.

Bring The FHIR®


Better engagement, better outcomes.

Throughout the patient experience, the depth and thoughtfulness of our clinically validated content drives deeper patient engagement and serves as a critical catalyst for health improvement. Plain language, engaging graphics, and simplified medical illustrations improve patient understanding of and adherence to your health care instructions and other health care content.

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Content that connects and converts.

As prospective patients start their search for health care options, we’re there to meet them as health care content providers with credible, compelling content that educates and nurtures them along their health journey. Gain and retain loyal patients with engaging, actionable health guidance that positions your organization as their trusted source to help them be their healthiest. 

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From The Krames Blog


5 ways to fight health misinformation

In the age of immediate information, people are thirsty for answers—and they want them right now. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google received more than 1 billion health-related questions every day—that’s 70,000 each minute.1 While the internet can be an amazing portal to knowledge, it also provides an overwhelming stream of misinformation, particularly for those seeking answers to questions about their health.

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Talking to patients who are hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccine

Are you struggling to have effective conversations about COVID-19 vaccines with your patients? There may be a better approach than simply telling a patient to get the shot—especially when that can be at times uncomfortable or contentious. And strategies like lecturing and shaming not only aren’t effective, they often backfire.1 

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Patient video education has a new dynamic duo: The Wellness Network joins Krames in WebMD’s push to deepen patient engagement services

WebMD Provider Services has expanded its portfolio of leading patient education and engagement solutions with the acquisition of The Wellness Network, a multiplatform company focused on point-of-care, video-based patient education for hospitals and health systems. The Wellness Network’s video suite builds on our digital and online solutions—including Krames patient education video library—to support patient engagement and post-discharge adherence. 

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From the Krames Store

Award-winning printed and digital resources to support patient acquisition and education.

Whether patients prefer learning about their health via print or digital formats, the Krames store has you covered with resources to meet any and all learning styles. Our patient education can help you enhance the care you deliver for all kinds of patients, every day—and reinforce it beyond the clinical setting.

Enhance your telehealth visits with interactive Go-to-Guides

Enhance telehealth
visits with interactive

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Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

Encourage screenings and prevention during Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

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Living Well with Diabetes

Bestselling workbook updated with the latest guidelines from the American Diabetes Association

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Same great content—redesigned and clinically reviewed. See the latest at Krames Store

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