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Top health systems across the country know the importance of elevating the patient experience, but common barriers can get in the way. You may be focusing on delivering the highest-quality patient education to improve patient outcomes. Or you may want to streamline your clinical workflow to operate more efficiently while increasing the time you're spending with patients. Whatever your goals—from improving patient engagement to boosting clinician productivity, you can overcome the barriers to achieving them.

An enlightening patient education vendor

Whether patients are dealing with a minor illness or managing a chronic health condition like diabetes, they can improve their situation by making lifestyle changes using effective health education. Patient education vendors like Krames are focused on helping your health system be the best resource for your patients. 

Access easy-to-follow patient-centered education solutions that simplify potentially complicated issues.

Enhance the patient experience

Digital healthcare education creating a world of healthy outcomes

The most capable health care should be able to operate in today's digital world. Leverage integrated digital health tools for patients that holistically engage them upfront, and in the long term. In effect, they can improve patient communication, clinical workflows, clinical outcomes through lifestyle management, medication compliance, and costs.

Improve the clinical workflow

Smarter patient acquisition and retention

In a culture where patients may come to you for care and then go if they please, you need to be able to maintain a competitive advantage.

Acquire new patients while building loyalty with existing ones through marketing programs developed on the science of behavior change. They're specifically designed with evidence-based health content, scalable tools, and proven engagement techniques, so patients want to turn to you for care—whenever and however they need it.

Build patient loyalty

Addressing Market Needs

more hours are spent on EHRs than patient care by first-year doctors1
of health care executives are developing a telemedicine program2
is how long IT teams can spend on manual content uploads3
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1 Chaiyachati KH, Shea JA, Asch DA. Assessment of inpatient time allocation among first-year internal medicine residents using time-motion observations. JAMA Intern Med. 2019;179(6):760-767/

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