New StayWell product offering allows clinicians to choose and assign educational materials to patients to be read or watched within the patient’s EHR account

Video is playing an increasingly important role in patient education and communication, as more people seek health information online. StayWell, a health engagement company that delivers patient education, health content marketing, health engagement and population health management solutions has introduced a faster, simpler way for health care providers to present video content to patients. The company announced today that its Krames On-Demand Videos are now available through the Epic electronic health record (EHR).

StayWell’s new product offering allows clinicians to choose education materials from a Teaching Points list and assign them to patients to be read or watched within the patient’s MyChart account. This enables StayWell clients to assign video content to their patients. The process is simple:

  1. The clinician assigns a video to a patient from the Teaching Points list.
  2. A personalized link to the video is sent to the patient’s MyChart account.
  3. The patient logs in to MyChart and watches the video.
  4. StayWell’s system reports back that the patient watched the prescribed video, and the order is automatically marked as completed in the patient record.

“Health care providers are seeking new and innovative ways to enhance health education efforts. Video content is a key tool because it aligns with current consumer preferences for information and works well within a clinic setting or through a mobile platform,” said Joni Pierce, Senior Vice President of Product and Innovation at StayWell.

Krames videos are evidence-based, yet easily understood by patients. More than 175 titles are available in English and Spanish and include questions that help measure a patient’s learning and retention of key information. Krames videos are a mere five to seven minutes long, making them easy to watch, and the high quality, 3D-animated motion graphics make them engaging for viewers.

Understanding the need for patient education content that fits into the clinical workflow, we have integrated Krames videos into MyChart and MyChart Bedside for easy access by patients and health care professionals.

“StayWell is continually searching to find easier and better ways to deliver health education across the continuum of care. Integration of Krames videos into the Epic system supports our shared vision with health care providers for improved patient outcomes and overall health,” said Pierce.

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About StayWell
StayWell, a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA (“Merck”), is a health engagement company that helps its clients engage and educate people to improve health and business results. StayWell brings decades of experience working across the health care industry to design solutions that address its clients’ evolving needs. StayWell fuses expertise in health engagement and the science of behavior change with an integrated portfolio of solutions and robust content assets to effectively engage people to make positive health care decisions. StayWell programs have received numerous top industry honors, including the C. Everett Koop National Health Award and the Web Health Award for health engagement programs. StayWell also has received URAC and NCQA accreditation for several of its programs. StayWell is headquartered in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and also has major locations in Salt Lake City, Utah, and St. Paul, Minn.To learn more, visit