Krames On FHIR®

Set your EHR on FHIR, with Krames On FHIR®

A big help in managing population health, Krames On FHIR® provides access to a modern workflow with the most up-to-date health care educational materials and videos for patients and care teams, without the need for a major technical investment. This keeps clinicians and patients connected, which is especially helpful with follow-ups. Healthcare providers can use this patient education platform to check patient records using the EHR and know exactly what educational tools and videos patients accessed and recommend others as needed. 

Curious to see the value that Krames On FHIR can bring to your patient education workflows? Visit our interactive tool to estimate the time savings potential for your IT and clinical teams.


Simple Integration and Access

  • Fast, flexible innovative delivery solution for patient education
  • Integrates into your EHR using market-leading SMART on FHIR technology
  • Integrates into clinician workflow and requires no extra logins—makes finding and sharing resources with patients seamless
  • Care teams can track education that’s been shared, and see the patient’s usage of each resource
  • Fulfills C-Suite data needs and helps meet regulatory requirements

See how Krames on FHIR benefits C-suite ExecutivesIT, and Clinicians.

Increased resource efficiency

User-friendly technology
doesn’t require a lot of IT support to enable and implement
No quarterly

save as many as 30 hours of IT time per quarter
Updates content

and securely to ensure patient education is up to date and consistent with the latest guidelines
customize laptop

Robust User Experience

  • Allows users to tag their favorite tools and organize folders the way they want for ease of use
  • Contextual search by keyword or clinical codes
  • Filter education by age and gender
  • Easily printable educational resources and video transcripts
  • Personalize for unique patient needs

Ready to ignite productivity improvements for both clinical and IT departments? Use our interactive calculator to estimate the savings that Krames On FHIR can deliver for your organization.