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Krames is proud to support the Veterans Administration (VA) in the development and maintenance of the Veterans Health Library (VHL).  

Attracting more than 680,000 unique visitors per year, the resource was developed under the guidance of the National Center of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention’s Veterans Health Education and Information Program.

The library offers a 24/7 resource for Veterans, family members, and caregivers delivering comprehensive, consistent, Veteran-focused health information—no matter where the individual receives care. Clinicians and VA health educators also consult the VHL to ensure they’re providing Veterans/patients with evidence-based, VA-centric content and interactive resources.


My HealtheVet Veterans Health Library homepage

A recent survey of Veterans Health Library visitors found that as a result of something they read on the site, more than 80% of Veterans are:

  • More motivated to take better care of themselves
  • More prepared to ask questions at their next appointment
  • Planning to make (or have made) changes in how they care for themselves1

Krames clinicians and editors recently worked with the VA to review, revise, and update more than 1,000 content resources posted to the VHL to ensure it offers engaging and timely content that meets the needs of today’s Veterans. The content was first reviewed by Krames clinicians to confirm that each article reflected the most current national practice guidelines and/or specific VA-Department of Defense practice guidelines, as applicable. Then, working closely with VA experts, members of Krames’ editorial team revised the content. Photos and illustrations were also updated in this process to assure a modern aesthetic and to enhance the user’s engagement.

See the Veterans Health Library in action.

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1 Report on user experience survey for the Veterans Health Library (VHL) website. Report #21: October-November-December, 2020. Krames; 2020.