Our Krames On FHIR® application, fueled by SMART on FHIR® technologies, is catching. That’s because it integrates directly into EHR systems and seamlessly into clinical workflows, so staff can access multiple applications through one source.

When Krames On FHIR is launched, it retrieves information about patients’ conditions, medications, and procedures, and presents relevant education customized for patient needs—keeping patients engaged and informed, while saving time.

Learn more about fueling your portal with Krames On FHIR implementation FAQs

Common concerns can arise with any new implementation, such as the time and effort needed to get the system and staff up to speed. We’ve learned from an early, strategic adopter of Krames On FHIR—Houston Methodist—and established best practices to streamline its implementation for our future clients. Review these questions clients often ask when considering Krames On FHIR—to see how Krames On FHIR could invigorate your organization.

How can Krames On FHIR reports help improve patient education?

Our regulatory requirements report shows all of the content prescribed from Krames On FHIR to patients. Clinicians can capture:

  • Clinical codes/Health topics to generate recommended content
  • Most commonly prescribed educational materials by category
  • Average number of favorite resources within searches/suggested content

These data points assist clinicians in making informed decisions on what type of patient education to provide to a specific patient.

How much time does it take to implement Krames On FHIR?

From project planning to go-live, the standard time frame to implement Krames On FHIR is three to five months.

Does Krames On FHIR enable clinicians to customize patient education?

Yes, our Custom Content Builder editing tool enables clinicians to create custom content within the Krames On FHIR admin tool and publish it to the end user. You can also edit a document using in-line editing and print it for the patient. This document can be personalized and saved only for this patient to their EHR.

Can individual education sheets and videos be sent to the patient through their EHR? Are these materials available in other languages?

Patient education can be prescribed and delivered to patients through your patient portal or in print. Krames condition videos, patient and caregiver experience videos, and some third-party medication and animation videos are available in English and Spanish.

How are videos integrated into nursing workflow? Has that become the standard of care?

Videos can be integrated into the workflow, and providers can print a QR code that patients can scan to view the video (along with other videos) in real time, in the health system’s branded player.

Krames On FHIR is fueling Houston Methodist workflow performance

Krames On FHIR has helped Houston Methodist improve its workflows—from IT to clinical and beyond. Clinical staff appreciate its suggested content and ease of use. As physicians prescribe new medicines for patients, tools are immediately available to nurses as they provide the first doses. With all of this improved engagement, Houston Methodist is confident it will be reflected positively in its HCAHPS scores.

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