By Patricia Hyle

StayWell is a health empowerment company that enables populations to improve health outcomes—whether they’re patients, employees, or simply people who want to live healthier, happier lives. Patricia Hyle is vice president, clinical product management at StayWell.

Are you like me in that you think half of the fun of vacation is in the planning? I love to research and choose just the right destination—for me and the people who’ll come along—to make the journey a memorable one.

Krames On FHIR: your ticket to improved clinician and patient communication

We all need help to execute our travel plan. Just as you likely can’t fly yourself to the Caribbean or would take off on a road trip without your smartphone navigation, preparing for your implementation journey to Krames On FHIR® takes some planning and the right people to make it happen. But you’ll find that it’s well worth it when you successfully execute this innovative new technology in your organization.

That’s because Krames On FHIR lets your clinicians communicate with their patients right from their EHR, offering them knowledge they need to live happier, healthier lives.

5 easy steps to plan your Krames On FHIR implementation

1. Know your destination

Educate and excite your team about why you’re going to Krames On FHIR, how you’re going to get there, and what an amazing experience it will be when you do! There are lots of reasons to make the move:

  • Krames On-Demand® award-winning patient education, including HealthSheets™ and videos, integrated into clinician workflows—No extra log-ins makes it easy to find and share resources with patients
  • Krames Patient Education is automatically updated, saving your IT team as many as 30 hours per quarter
  • Clinicians can be confident that patient education is always up to date and consistent with the latest guidelines
  • Patients have access to engaging education selected for them and delivered to their patient portal

2. Be ready to go

You can’t hit the road without gas in your car. Work with your EHR vendor to make sure your environment—including your EHR version and access to FHIR APIs—is ready for FHIR. You can also set up non-production and production environments for implementation and testing.

3. Invite the right people

Having the right people riding alongside you can make all of the difference in your implementation journey. Any change to your clinical workflow requires people from your technical, clinical informatics, and patient experience teams. Our team can help you plan and accomplish your goals. Your StayWell Client Success manager will help with implementation, rollout, transition, and training. We provide training and documentation for your training staff and super users. And we’ll continue to support your team to make sure you’re getting the most from the application and patient education.

4. Plan for stops along the way

Just as you may need to change planes to get to your destination, you may need to make a few stops along the implementation journey. The Krames On FHIR app is pre-tested and pre-certified with each EHR platform and has completed a rigorous review to ensure that it meets the highest technical and security standards. This means the technical integration is straightforward and as standardized as possible. Still, you may need to spend some time documenting and planning for any custom requirements your organization may have. This might include planning to convert your proprietary content to the Krames Custom Content Builder. The conversion will enable you to better update, review, and manage your content. Once converted, your content is included in the Krames On FHIR app so that you can find all of your patient education from a single interface.

5. Get started on your journey to Krames On FHIR

Let StayWell help you get up and running with Krames On FHIR to deliver the right patient education, when and where it’s needed. When patients get smarter information via Krames On FHIR, they can use it to make smarter health care and lifestyle choices—and become more engaged in their health. That means you can expect to see improved outcomes and lower costs. Learn more at info.staywell.com/kramesonfhir.