Your organization has invested significant time and money into purchasing, implementing, and updating health care IT solutions to improve patient care. But you might still be seeing a gap in patient engagement—which can impact your HCAHPS scores.

Follow these tips to fill the gap while getting more from your patient portal with less work by your teams.

1. Streamline and simplify your clinical workflow with Krames On FHIR®

Krames On FHIR integrates smoothly into your existing EHR and clinical workflow. It provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to easily deliver digital, video, and printed patient education through the patient portal at the point of care, based on the patient’s profile and clinical encounter.

2. Deliver patient education that meets patient needs

Share personalized, easy-to-understand patient education—designed to engage patients while improving health outcomes—through the portal. Plus, real-time updates ensure patients always receive the most current education.

3. Assure patients the data is secure to ease their concerns

Patients stay engaged with the portal when they know they can securely and confidently view their health data and message providers. Automatic updates securely write patient data from the portal back into the EHR to meet regulatory requirements.

4. Market your patient portal to increase its usage

Create a communication plan that shows your patients' key features—like connecting to doctors and accessing care plans—to drive them to use the portal. When patients understand the benefits of using it, they continuously find ways to improve their health while lowering costs for your practice.

Ready to add FHIR power to your patient portal?

Get Krames On FHIR implementation tips from our Fueling the FHIR: Insights from a System-Wide FHIR Implementation webinar.

Use this patient portal checklist to evaluate your portal’s opportunities for optimization to support your organization.