Life has changed drastically in just a few short months with over 24 million COVID-19 cases in the United States.1 COVID-related concerns have caused 41% of American adults to skip or delay health care.2 They’re putting their family’s health care on hold, too, with 2.5 million fewer doses of routine childhood vaccines administered compared to 2019.3

Q: How is your content marketing team structured?

AdventHealth—a multistate, 50-hospital health system—understands the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis. Rooted in their commitment to whole-person care, they recognized a need for trusted information to help reduce fear and anxieties among the communities they serve and encourage them to instead follow care plans to stay safe and healthy.

Collaborating in creating credible health content

In March 2020, coronavirus escalated from an isolated disease to a global pandemic. AdventHealth’s digital marketing team came to Krames with an immediate need to create clinically validated, credible content to help them debunk virus-related misinformation. 

Krames medical writers and content editors developed a significant volume of COVID-19 content—an average of 20 well-researched articles and social media posts per week over the course of several months. All content reflected the CDC’s evolving guidance regarding transmission and prevention, and AdventHealth’s editorial and brand voice standards. 

Keeping marketing channels filled with a constant flow of fresh content

AdventHealth quickly and confidently deployed the Krames content to their blogs, emails, and social channels. As it becomes clear that COVID-19 is likely here for the foreseeable future, they continue to count on the Krames team to create content that features the latest guidance and recommendations on trending topics.

“I just want to jump in with my sincere appreciation to the entire Krames team. As soon as this crisis hit, we asked for your help and you never hesitated before jumping in with us. None of us knew what we were getting into, but your support never wavered, and you’ve made us feel that you were truly an extension of our team. You helped deliver content that brought informational and factual updates while helping reduce anxiety across our communities.”

Doug McDonald, director of content strategy, digital marketing, AdventHealth

The AdventHealth coronavirus resource hub contains more than 300 original articles, which have been shared extensively across the health system’s digital channels. One article—Do you have COVID-19, the flu, a cold, or seasonal allergies?—has garnered almost a million page views from 500,000 visitors. 

The hub has also received national industry recognition from Patient Engagement HIT and Becker’s Hospital Review.

Doug McDonald—AdventHealth director of content strategy, digital marketing— praised the support of their Krames content partners. “As soon as the crisis hit, we asked for their help. They never hesitated before jumping in with us,” he said. “We feel like they’re truly an extension of our team, helping us deliver content that’s brought informational and factual updates while reducing anxiety across our communities. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to be working with through this.”

Engaging patients via content to encourage them to return for care

The health care industry continues to face challenges when it comes to caring for patients during the pandemic. It’s quickly responding with innovative ways of engaging with patients including telehealth and virtual visits, patient outreach, and education. 

Ensuring the health and safety of the communities they serve—during the pandemic and beyond—remains the highest priority for AdventHealth. They continue to collaborate with Krames to develop content solutions to reassure patients that it’s safe—and vital—to come back for care. 

For instance, Krames content marketing resources motivate patients to protect health via vaccinations. Learn more about credible, clinically reviewed articles, infographics, social posts, and interactive content—ready for print or digital use—to support provider guidance about vaccines.

“I couldn’t ask for a better content partner to be working with through this as I constantly hear from my team how incredible you all have been. As our country slowly comes back to whatever normal is next for us, I would be remiss if I didn’t stop to express my gratitude for your team.”

Doug McDonald, director of content strategy, digital marketing, AdventHealth

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