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During the COVID-19 pandemic, your IT teams are standing stoically behind the front lines, maintaining the systems and technologies that keep your operations strong. But they’ve been stretched thin. How—especially with the ongoing overload of new COVID content—can they find the time and resources to manage the patient education content updates too?

Avoid risking out-of-date patient education while taking load off of your IT teams by following these strategies:

Grab resources and go

Leading patient education vendors release health content updates regularly, and even more frequently on newly emerging threats. Make it a priority to oversee the updates and check the vendors’ websites for them.

After the first COVID case was confirmed in the United States, Krames StayWell only took just under a week to release the Coronavirus HealthSheet™ in English and Spanish, and launch the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center. By routinely checking for new content, you’ll stay up-to-speed on the most-current information and insights, when every minute counts.

Keep lines of communication open

In a time when there’s no time, make sure you’re working with a patient education vendor that proactively, promptly, and regularly communicates with you. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, for instance, Krames StayWell has notified its clients and prospects of the new, updated, and upcoming coronavirus resources—including HealthSheets, videos, and infographics—weekly.

Ensure data has your back

Don’t forget to verify that your systems are constantly backing up your data. As your team gets pulled in many different directions, their last concern right now should be the ability to recover critical data. Errors happen—just make sure you can fix them if and when they do.

Shift into automatic

Why worry about manually updating your content when you can automate the process? Through automation, you can alleviate burden and save time—while knowing you’re always delivering high-quality, clinically validated patient education. A solution like Krames On FHIR® automatically updates content as it’s ready, so you’re continuously prepared with the latest education on the newest developments.

Do more with less

As COVID forces health care organizations to lay off or furlough workers, your team may be impacted—requiring everyone still with you to compensate for the departed employees’ workloads. Ensure they can still deliver the most-accurate and timely patient education, even as a team of fewer people, by automating the update process. They can then worry less about content updates, and shift their focus to other, top priorities.

For additional, general tips on effectively managing your content updates to ensure you’re reliably offering the most-up-to-date education available, check out our Patient education content management tip sheet.

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