Krames on FHIR & Epic Integration

Improve patient care, experience, adherence, and outcomes with Krames On FHIR for Epic patient education

Using SMART on FHIR® technologies, Krames On FHIR is a cloud-based solution, trusted by more than 27,000 physicians to engage their more than 265,000 unique patients, integrating seamlessly into the Epic FHIR clinical workflow. 

Dedicated resources and education throughout the entire patient journey

  • Epic MyChart Integration: Physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals will benefit from the integration of Epic and patient education. They can provide the most up-to-date digital, video, and even printed patient education to MyChart, MyChart Bedside, MyChart Mobile, and EpicCare EHR based on the patient’s profile and current clinical encounter. 
  • Epic Patient Instructions: Patients can access personalized education from their MyChart accounts to review, print, or even watch video education shared by their care team. 
  • Epic Care Management: Clinicians can access patient-specific reports to see the patient’s activity history and their level of engagement, helping them plan for delivery of future patient education resources.
Epic video patient education
Clinicians can preview video patient education items before sharing

Content to support your care pathways—from discovery to recovery—improving the patient journey 

From our experience with FHIR implementations across 60+ U.S. hospitals to date, we’ve expanded Krames On FHIR to meet the different use cases across health care settings. 
  • Inpatient workflow — For patients staying in a hospital for treatment; patient conditions are added to the problem list over one or more encounters, allowing clinicians to follow up on these conditions in future encounters.
  • Emergency department workflow — For patients receiving treatment in an emergency department; clinicians are interested only in clinical impressions, which are diagnosed based on information and a clinical assessment. 
  • Ambulatory workflow — For patients receiving outpatient treatment; conditions for patients in ambulatory settings are focused specifically on the current encounter for which they’re receiving treatment. 
  • Telehealth workflow — For patients receiving care via telehealth technology; integrate patient education into telehealth workflows using the Epic telehealth module

See how Krames On FHIR benefits C-suite executivesIT, and clinicians.

Epic patient education customization
Document editing allows clinicians to personalize patient education in epic

Customizable user experience for clinicians

Krames On FHIR regularly upgrades and enhances features based on user feedback. Clinician most-used features include: 
  • Tagging of favorite tools and folders to organize the experience for ease of use
  • Contextual search by keyword or clinical codes
  • Filter education by age and gender
  • Easily printable educational resources and video transcripts
  • Personalize education for unique patient needs
4. EHR Multiselect
Iterative UI enhancements focused on click reduction and improving clinican efficiency

Time savings for clinicians, nurses, and IT teams

User-friendly technology
doesn’t require a lot of IT support to enable and implement
No quarterly

save as many as 30 hours of IT time per quarter
Updates content

and securely to ensure education is up to date and consistent with the latest guidelines

Ready to ignite productivity improvements for your organization? Use our interactive calculator to estimate the savings that Krames On FHIR can deliver for your teams.