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As the health care industry continues to migrate from fee-for-service to value-based care models, patient education and health care education materials must evolve with it. To be effective, it needs to extend beyond the traditional care setting, to reach patients with credible, easy-to-digest content in the formats and languages they prefer. Krames is able to achieve this by:

  • Providing both print and digital patient education for all levels of health literacy.
  • Extending patient education systems for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities through online patient portals and other technology.
  • Creating a patient education database that includes patient education that is digestible for all.
  • Offering print patient education handouts and brochures that have set the industry standard since 1974.

Using Krames patient education to meet patients wherever they are in their care journey, you can foster a positive experience for patients and encourage health literacy as they engage with the education and your organization for better outcomes.

An individualized approach to health literacy

Deliver engaging Krames print, video, or digital patient education in digital, video, or print formats, based on each patient's unique learning style. It applies the latest health literacy principles to help clarify diagnoses, support shared decision-making, and build a trusted physician-patient relationship.


Extended reach to populations

Share resources directly in your patient portal from EHRs with our technology-enabled solutions Krames On FHIR® and Krames On-Demand®. Do so following a telehealth visit, or even to create a two-way dialogue that promotes understanding and adherence, before and after care. These patient education systems support patient education systems for hospitals, clinics and organizations whether they're in the initial stages of developing a patient education program or pushing new, innovative health literacy and patient education methods.

Improve clinical workflow

Empowering print health care education

Even in the digital age, there are times when nothing works quite like print. Setting the industry standard for decades, patient education companies like Krames have been providing quality and comprehensible patient education materials for decades, Krames' patient education database is filled with materials featuring medical illustrations to simplify concepts with easy-to-understand text regardless of reading level. They're available in pediatric versions that speak to kids in their own special way and have custom options to create personalized patient education.


A range of titles for the books

Access more than 600 titles across nearly 40 specialties in Krames Store. The site and patient education database also conveniently offers an online ordering tool for health care providers who prefer booklets, brochures, and workbooks for their patients. Krames Store also features collaborative patient education and well-being resources from the industry-leading American Heart Association.

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