Incentives can drive healthier behavior while promoting cultural change. In fact, extrinsic incentives may improve health risk assessment completion in the short term; while intrinsic incentives can improve complex behaviors in the long term—like boosting weight loss, physical activity, and chronic disease management. By creating your incentive design, our team of experts can help your employees set goals and achieve them—and sustain this achievement over time—wherever they may be on their health journey.

Personalized program design and implementation

Personalize your incentive solution to meet your employee populations' unique needs. We customize it using an evidence-based incentive strategy to help motivate and encourage individuals both extrinsically and intrinsically. This approach improves their likeliness to stay on track while reaching their health goals.


Real-time tracking for added motivation

Track your employees' participation in offerings such as screenings, challenges, and coaching sessions using our highly configurable incentive design technology. They can also view their own progress toward goals in real time on fully customizable dashboards in the My StayWell Platform.

Easy-to-manage rewards fulfillment 

Offer hundreds of rewards to employees—from virtual reward cards to physical gifts—with an optional fulfillment solution fully integrated into the My StayWell Platform. Easy to access and use, it lets you seamlessly manage inventory and delivery for rewarding results.