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It’s about results.

Everything we do is designed to move the needle. It's built on the science of behavior change, substantiated through an evidence-based practice, and evaluated in over 120 peer-reviewed studies. The results of our health and well-being solutions prove out that our commitment to helping people live healthier, fuller lives works.

It's why 79% of StayWell clients improve the net health of their company in the first year.

Because employees are significantly more productive when they believe their employer cares about their well-being and their life outside of work, they are...

  • 38% more engaged and focused at work
  • 28% more likely to recommend your workplace
  • 18% more likely to go the extra mile in your organization
  • 17% more likely to be working for you in one year
  • 10x less likely to be hostile

And they're just a lot happier in general because you've created a much healthier culture in your workplace.

Better Engagement, better outcomes

We help you drive participation and increase engagement with personalized technology, the support of on-site staff, convenient on-site wellness programs, active coaching and performance-tracked challenges. Because no two employees are alike, our omni-channel, mobile-first technology platform integrates to the individual employee’s lifestyle using voice recognition, virtual reality and a comprehensive suite of apps and devices so they can customize their own experience to what’s most relevant to them. And that gets you the business results you want.

  • 80% of participants get started with the first recommended program
  • 50% of participants engage on site weekly
  • 8lbs average lost for Ignite coaching participants
  • 60%+ enrollment in the Million Steps challenge
  • of participants who indicated they were not ready to make changes at the start of their assessment, advanced to the action stage*

*across full book of business

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