Businesses and governments

When employers invest in the well-being of their workforce, they create a culture of engagement, attract and retain employees, and cultivate a healthier population. For more than 40 years, StayWell has been the premier provider of lifestyle management through well-being solutions for large businesses and government organizations everywhere—and the employees that make them thrive.

Business and governments

Enhanced business performance

Whether you're a midsize or jumbo business—with or without a wellness program; looking for any health and wellness solution from a workplace flu shot clinic to a comprehensive well-being program, we can help. StayWell serves businesses across various industries, including energy, manufacturing, oil and gas, automotive, finance, and higher education.

Take a comprehensive approach to well-being

In-house well-being for the public sector

Employers in the public sector face unique challenges in helping their employees achieve well-being. StayWell supports state and local governments, teachers unions, and public health entities in overcoming these challenges for the good of their organization, and the communities they serve.

Explore well-being for the public sector

The StayWell Difference

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of clients improve their risks in a year1

1 StayWell Book of Business [internal research]. Yardley, PA: StayWell; 2019.

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