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At Krames, we're dedicated to helping you inspire and motivate those you care for and support to take an active role in their own health and well-being. Because we know based on extensive research and direct experience that empowering people to feel good leads to better outcomes for everybody.

The core of our being

Lifestyle risk management—it's key to addressing the 97% of people who have at least one lifestyle risk,1 opening the door to greater health and wellness. Krames empowers health care systems, health care associations, and health insurers to address these risks, giving those they support peace of mind while boosting their bottom line.

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The body of our work

Partnering with us puts you on a path to science- and technology-driven content, programs, and solutions that help people live healthier, happier lives. They leverage our more than 40 years of expertise in the science of behavior change, to lower health risks, increase program engagement, and reduce costs for organizations everywhere.

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Looking for a new career offering a healthy balance? Working at Krames provides the kind of enriched and empowering culture of well-being that we work so hard to deliver for our clients. If you're seeking a fulfilling opportunity with rewarding benefits, check out our available job roles today.

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Thoughts from leaders, updates on crises, tips from experts, trends across the industry—you can find it all here in our routinely updated blog. It's a single source for the information and opinions you seek about what's going on in health and well-being, and how to better help those you support. 

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Industry-leading partnerships

To deliver leading, integrated, and personalized patient education, we closely partner with EHR solution providers focused on streamlining and optimizing health care IT. Ensuring the innovation extends from these systems to our content core to support all types of learning, we work with the top providers of patient education videos, pediatric-specific information, and disease-related content.

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1 Loprinzi PD, Branscum A, Hanks J, Smit E. Healthy lifestyle characteristics and their joint association with cardiovascular disease biomarkers in U.S. adults. Mayo Clinic Proc.