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Whatever your specific objectives, we’ll work with you to deliver the results you want with the quality health content and thought leadership you need to drive consumers to your healthcare system, hospital or practice. And what you’ll see in our case studies is the data and real-world success stories that will assure you that we can deliver the same measurable results for your organization.

Extending reach and increasing appointments

Austin Regional Center (ARC), a large multispecialty group focused on serving central Texas with primary care services, wanted a health library solution that would integrate its website content with its other marketing efforts. After implementing the hosted StayWell Consumer Health Library, ARC is able to pull comprehensive health and wellness content from the library while branding it to look like part of the website. It also uses the content to extend its reach to social media, which drives traffic to the website’s appointment page.

After one year of using the StayWell Consumer Health Library to educate and engage consumers in its community, build brand awareness and credibility, and acquire and retain patients, ARC saw that:

  • 1,624 users were referred from the library to the site’s “Find a Doctor” page
  • 3,257 users were referred from the library to the site’s “Make an Appointment” page
  • 1,160 appointments were scheduled on the “Make an Appointment” page
  • ~13% of visits to the “Make an Appointment” page turned into an appointment