By Victoria Picazo, vice president of Payer Solutions

Today’s health insurers are fighting to attract and retain their existing book of employer group business. Much like consumers jumping ship each year for the most robust, affordable health plan on the individual market, employers are also seeking ways to not only reduce the cost of insurance for both the company and their employees, but to also offer the most attractive, comprehensive and progressive plans for current and potential employees.

With the cost of employer group health plans consistently rising year over year, the need for insurers to continually diversify their portfolio of solutions is becoming increasingly important. Wellness plans provide innovative ways to help improve population health, reduce risks and ultimately drive down costs for all parties including employers, employees and payers.

Through our partnerships with more than 100 insurance carriers over the past 40+ years, we at StayWell, understand first-hand the pressure to maintain competitive advantage.

Many insurers know us for our award-winning Krames member education and Consumer Health Library. However, we also offer a variety of health coaching programs and wellness challenges to NCQA approved HRAs, and customer marketing and member outreach that effectively reach and engage members at every stage of their health care journey.

Our well-being platform achieves the triple aim by seamlessly connecting health plans, doctors, health coaches, and case managers to their members to deliver programs, rewards, and resources that improve outcomes. Key features include: 

  • Personalized programs and communications – We can identify sub-populations and engage them directly with targeted programming specific to their needs to improve population health, one member at a time.
  • Incentive reward management system – You pick the criteria and we do the rest. Our immediate reward store with a variety of options maximizes the effectiveness of member incentives to encourage healthy behavior.
  • Physicians-prescribe support – Digital health programs, patient assessments, and educational content are incorporated in the Cerner and Epic systems for easy prescribing at the point of care.
  • Rich team-wide data sharing – Our platform tracks and monitors member activity and participation to inform treatment plans including servings of fruits and veggies, number of daily “steps,” heart rate, health risk assessment responses, coaching participation, weight, glucose and more. 

If you would like to learn more about our well-being program, as well as other solutions supporting health plans, sign up for our webinar on Wednesday, June 27 at 2pm ET.