More than 300 Krames Video titles now immediately accessible via Krames On-Demand v6.6.

StayWell launches Krames Videos to enhance patient education and outcomes

Yardley, Penn. (August 6, 2015) – StayWell, a leading health solutions company, announced today that its Krames On-Demand v6.6 release—now with Krames Videos available in English and Spanish—provides a single source for all patient education content for clients.

“We are committed to providing content that elevates quality of care, drives better health outcomes and improves workflow efficiencies,” said Julia McAllister, StayWell SVP of Sales, Patient Education Solutions. “Now integrated within Krames On-Demand, Krames Videos and video scripts are easily accessible for use at any point in the health care process: in a physician’s office, at a patient’s bedside, prescribed for use at a patient’s home or anywhere via a mobile device.”

According to McAllister, recent studies show that video-based patient education can increase knowledge and understanding by as much as 38 percent, and video-based education can shorten consultation time by as much as 34 percent. In addition, video education has been found to be more effective at promoting self-care behavior in heart patients, as well as healthy diet and exercise during pregnancy.

“Video is an excellent way to demystify complex medical concepts and procedures, and is especially helpful in communicating with visual learners and in overcoming the barriers associated with low health literacy skills,” said McAllister. “Krames Videos are created with the same evidence-based health literacy standards as the entire Krames Patient Education product suite, and offer providers a cost-effective solution for providing critical information to patients.”

Krames Patient Education solutions have been used by physicians and other health care providers for more than 40 years and are a key part of the StayWell product portfolio.

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