Nicole Latimer, CEO

At StayWell we are always striving to help people live happier and healthier lives — this includes both our clients and our employees. That’s why, when we began searching for a new office space for our Yardley headquarters, we were determined to find a location that would foster growth, collaboration and inspiration. It thrills me to announce that we have found that space, and today, I’m excited to share behind-the-scenes details with all of you:

WHAT: The StayWell Company recently moved its corporate headquarters into a new office space.

WHERE: The new office remains in Yardley, Pennsylvania, the city we’ve called home for 15 years. But the relocation creates some exciting, new opportunities.

WHO: StayWell’s 70 Yardley employees. (Plus, anyone who wants to come on by for a visit, of course!)

WHEN: StayWell’s Yardley employees moved into the new building in the beginning of August and have spent the last few weeks getting settled into the space.

WHY: The relocation creates some exciting, new opportunities for StayWell, including a more modern layout for our team and ample room for growth. This is important because we have committed to adding 50 full-time positions in Yardley over the next three years. The tech-forward space will also better support the collaborative work we do every day to help people live happier, healthier lives, while supporting our efforts to grow our business.

WHAT DO OUR YARDLEY COLLEAGUES HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE SPACE? Here are just a few snippets describing their excitement.

“Our old building was set up in a very corporate cubicle style. For the new space, we were really fortunate to have it designed for us. It’s a really fresh, modern space that’s designed for creative work.” – Carol Macrini, Design Director

“When I walked in the office, I was like, ba da ba ba bah, I’m lovin’ it!” – Tiffany Myers-Peace, Lead Generator, StayWell Yardley Office

“I wasn’t expecting so much glass, clarity and transparency, which I think lends itself to more of a sense of unity. More of a sense of one entity that’s working toward a common goal. I think it helps with morale, helps with positive flow of thinking. It was enlightening.” – Dave Cane, Senior Project Director

Want to see more? Take a peek for yourself below.