Patient looking at phone at patient education

Krames On FHIR® is not only catching—it’s spreading like wildfire. And that means more providers and patients have access to award-winning, personalized patient education—for healthier choices, outcomes, and bottom lines.

Featuring a SMART on FHIR® technologies framework, our Krames On FHIR application integrates directly into the health system’s EHR and seamlessly into the clinician’s workflow. Access award-winning Krames patient education at the point of care based on the patient’s health condition, medical visit, language, and literacy level. It can improve patient understanding while also allowing you to assess how patients use the education to improve their health.

First to light the FHIR

As first to market with a FHIR-enabled patient education application, we continue to lead the industry as Krames On FHIR implementations are fully live in 70+ hospitals across the United States including Houston Methodist Hospital, Singing River Health System, and North Mississippi Health Services. There are also several other clients in various stages of Krames On FHIR implementation.

Client Singing River, for example, worked with us to follow a proven implementation process for Krames On FHIR, while tailoring the patient education solution to fit their clinical needs. We ensured the solution’s integration with the inpatient and ED clinician workflow, connectivity to the patient portal, and printing capabilities of the after-visit summaries. We also tested the resource weight of the network and end-user experience in a true clinical application, working through issues, determining areas for use, and optimizing the system based on our discoveries.

Fueling continued innovation in implementation

Since launching the first Krames On FHIR client two years ago, we’ve standardized and refined our implementation process. We’ve fully addressed technology-related issues while also expanding and enhancing key Krames On FHIR features and benefits, including:

  • Patient portal integration and write back functionality—An increased capability for more data means better insights for building a patient’s care plan.
  • Telehealth integration that’s crucial in COVID—More than ever, health care providers are looking to telehealth to see patients and deliver care. North Mississippi Health Services is our first Krames On FHIR client to integrate patient education into its telehealth workflow—enabling physicians to open a telehealth visit directly in the EHR and share patient education digitally through the patient portal.
  • Emergency department customization—Numerous implementations demonstrated that ED/ER have unique criteria—such as clinical impression vs. medical history—which we adjusted for optimal workflow.

FHIR starter—on the cutting edge of technology

We’re proud to have earned the trust of our current Krames On FHIR clients. 

Together, they’ve pushed us to continue to enhance and innovate Krames On FHIR to meet their changing needs. Our collective experience enables us to now deliver a fully proven technology solution and streamlined implementation that you can choose with confidence. We’ve accomplished all of this before the industry has established FHIR as a standard.

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