Award-winning Krames online content,
at the point of care

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Access award-winning Krames patient education where it has the greatest impact on outcomes: at the point of care. Get online patient education access to illustrated content that’s optimized for print and covers thousands of topics—so whether you prefer sharing physical copies, or forwarding to patients electronically, accessing these health literacy solutions make it easier for providers and patients to always be on the same page.

  • Access an extensive Krames online patient education library containing 6,000 images, 4,000 HealthSheets®, and more than 2,000 drug information sheets
  • All content available in English and Spanish, with some available in up to 13 additional languages
  • Features content written in plain language at a 5th to 6th grade reading level with award-winning artwork to help patients understand without feeling overwhelmed
  • Available with Infobutton, which allows for delivery of key patient information from the EHR. Also available through Krames On FHIR®, with automatic quarterly content updates and easy accessibility directly from the EHR 
  • Power the health journey for health plan care managers and their members






Value of Krames On-Demand to Patients:

  • Bridge literacy and language differences with English and Spanish versions for all content (some available in up to 13 additional languages)
  • Krames online patient education can be personalized to improve clinician/patient communications
  • Image-only HealthSheets to simplify instructions
  • 175 accredited and 508 compliant videos offer health literacy solutions for patients with low literacy skills
  • 450 videos to help inspire patients and keep them motivated

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Value of Krames online to Organizations:

  • Krames patient education online allows for search that delivers fast, accurate results
  • Custom Content Builder allows customization and organizational branding
  • Intuitive interface requires little or no training and fits into the clinical workflow
  • Choose favorites and provide folders for preferred content
  • Add-ons include 1,100 Exit-Writer and 925+ KidsHealth® titles
  • Meets HL7 standards and supports regulatory requirements


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