In a world of misinformation, we understand the importance of providing credible, researched information to those in your care. Krames1 has received its URAC accreditation as a Health Content Provider, maintaining its status as a premier provider of digital health content through the Consumer Health Library. This means our health care clients will continue to have access to high-quality content that’s peer reviewed and follows ethical business practices.

What is URAC?

URAC is an independent leader in promoting health care quality through leadership, accreditation, measurement, and innovation. URAC is a nonprofit organization that develops evidence-based measures and standards through inclusive engagement with a range of stakeholders committed to improving the overall quality of health care.

The URAC accreditation requires applicants to submit policies, procedures, and other organizational information for a robust review. The Health Content Provider accreditation process examines areas such as disclosures, health content and service delivery, quality oversight committee, personal health management, and more.

URAC accreditation standards are set to keep pace with the frequent changes in health care and provide distinction for organizations to demonstrate commitment to quality and accountability.

Why is URAC accreditation important?

Krames has received continuous URAC accreditation as a Health Content Provider since 2009. The accreditation adds value to our digital health content by providing an external, independent seal of approval for editorial policies and maintaining a comprehensive commitment to quality care, improved processes, and better patient outcomes.

This assures our clients and end users the content they have access to is:

  • Peer reviewed, with at least one expert from the specific area under review
  • Developed under ethical business practices that provide quality to consumers based on a national standard
  • Maintained by a Quality Oversight Committee
  • Produced internally and protected from editing for web use

In addition, our content standards council follows more than 180 different standards bodies, ensuring health content is entered into medical review and/or updated every two years or sooner when a guideline changes.

To learn more about Krames’s commitment to being your premier provider of high quality health content, read our press release on URAC and accreditation.

1 The StayWell Company LLC hereby referred to as Krames