Doctor conducting telehealth visit

Health care providers are looking to telehealth platforms to see patients and deliver care now much more than ever. In fact, only 25% of patients had used telehealth services prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but 59% say they’re more likely to use telemedicine than they were previously and 33% would even leave their current physician for a provider who offers it.1 What’s more, the technology could help practices avoid closure as business slows.2

But how are patients accessing this virtual care? There is a good chance it’s via Epic software, as 60% of the U.S. population has likely had their first virtual appointment on Epic’s telehealth technology infrastructure.3

These recent developments are why we’re excited to report that North Mississippi Health Services was our first Krames On FHIR® client to integrate patient education into its telehealth workflow using the Epic telehealth module. Telehealth configuration took less than a day, and it’s already on its way to creating long-term returns.

An Epic success

Once a Krames On-Demand® client, NMHS converted to Krames On FHIR in 2018—and just updated it to include the Epic telehealth module. To everyone’s delight, it’s working perfectly! This update enables physicians to open a telehealth visit directly in the EHR and share patient education digitally through the patient portal, enhancing the experience of telehealth for patients and clinicians.

Crucial in COVID

The integration is especially critical considering the importance of telehealth utilization in the ambulatory setting as we continue to fight COVID-19. Further, many providers and health systems expect the demand for telehealth availability to endure past the pandemic. With Krames On FHIR integrated into its telehealth workflow, NMHS can provide vital care now and continue to remotely deliver quality patient education supporting this care well into the future.

The workings of the workflow

With the new release of Krames On FHIR that includes the Epic module, telehealth visits can be launched within Epic’s ambulatory workflow, like an office visit. Clinicians can then send patient education right to MyChart (myConnection) vs. printing it.

Calls to (ongoing) action

From here, NMHS will continue to work with Krames to discuss the ongoing adoption, training needs, and optimization processes. Following such ease of implementation, it expects to greatly enhance the telehealth experience for physicians and patients alike.

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