The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption as individuals seek sustainable methods to improve their health and overall well-being. The use of technology that can be employed by both healthcare and employer systems is necessary for promoting well-being across a variety of demographic groups, and one company is creatively leading the tech revolution in both arenas.

StayWell, a health engagement company with a 40-year history, has recently introduced a number of new products that leverage technology to champion specific challenges faced by employers and health systems across the country. President of StayWell, Nicole Latimer, sees one of the most pressing issues facing health systems and employers today as patient and employee engagement. “When I think about the most important and innovative changes we are making, it comes down to the application of technology merging with the science of behavior change,” said Nicole. “The use of technology, particularly when it is advancing known scientific principles, can help tackle one of the largest challenges the U.S. has—the cost and quality of care.”

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