Novant Health needed a solution that offered standardized video education across the whole system, including integrated delivery and documentation of patient education within the Epic system, including the Epic MyChart Bedside application.

The solution? HealthClips 360.

HealthClips 360 is a new EMR-integrated patient education product developed by The Wellness Network and released in late 2020. The application makes it possible to offer our award-winning education embedded directly into the EMR so it’s easier to assign, view, and track.

Novant Health currently offers only print patient education through the EMR—upgrading to video education represents a major step forward for the system’s EMR-integrated patient education programs.

“HealthClips 360 is a game-changer for providers,” said Richard Bootes, President of Product Development at The Wellness Network. “Specific care plans mapped to ICD 10 codes can be accessed, delivered, and documented with great speed and ease.”

According to Christie White, Director of Patient Education for the Novant Health system, the idea behind adopting HealthClips 360 was to address multiple literacy levels and learning styles across the entire healthcare system.

“I envision playlists being used when the nurses are at bedside educating patients,” White said. “It’s a great opportunity for nurses to begin offering education to patients at the bedside, and then education can continue to occur throughout their stay. It will also improve documentation of the education in the EMR.”

The video education available within the EMR is also available for patients to access on Novant’s online health and wellness resource via any internet-enabled device, simply by visiting Making consistent and standardized education part of workflow—from the inpatient to outpatient setting—reduces confusion and ensures the greatest level of standardization across the entire care continuum.

The formal roll-out for HealthClips 360 into Novant Health’s Epic EMR is scheduled in the coming months and includes training the 6,000 nurses in the Novant Health system who will be using the system. To ensure a successful adoption, Novant Health plans to introduce HealthClips 360 into a test unit first, using customized care plans that Novant Health clinicians have developed internally. This roll-out period also provides an opportunity to encourage greater adoption of Epic’s MyChart Bedside, which is a system-wide goal for Novant Health.

The goal is for HealthClips 360 to be used across the full system of 15 hospitals, impacting over 150,000 inpatients annually.


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