The Wellness Network

WebMD Provider Services has expanded its portfolio of leading patient education and engagement solutions with the acquisition of The Wellness Network, a multiplatform company focused on point-of-care, video-based patient education for hospitals and health systems. The Wellness Network’s video suite builds on our digital and online solutions—including Krames patient education video library—to support patient engagement and post-discharge adherence. 

The combined strength of Krames, The Wellness Network, WebMD, and Medscape, WebMD Provider Services offers hospitals and health systems unparalleled capabilities to help patients and caregivers participate fully in managing their health.

According to Ann Bilyew, SVP and GM at WebMD Provider Services, “The addition of The Wellness Network deepens WebMD’s commitment to provide best-in-class patient and caregiver information and EHR-integrated engagement solutions across the entire health care journey, from discovery to recovery.” 

An unrivaled video patient education library  

Video-based patient education provides audiovisual guidance, helping increase patients’ ability to understand and retain information. In fact, 67% of patients who received video information recalled it.1 Together, Krames and The Wellness Network create the most comprehensive library of multi-format patient education in the industry.

Krames—an industry leader in high-quality patient education trusted by clinicians for decades—offers an extensive collection of videos on health and chronic conditions, medical tests, medications, and procedures. Using straightforward images and animations, these videos help providers bridge patient health literacy, support different learning styles, and improve patient health understanding. 

The Wellness Network provides video and print education content addressing numerous therapeutic areas and also featuring real-life, relatable patient and caregiver stories. Their content is available to hospitals through HealthClips Online and HealthClips 360, an EHR-integrated application for patient-specific learning. Much like Krames On FHIR®, these  patient education and engagement solutions can standardize education, track patient interaction, and improve patient experience. 

More video channels help you reach and teach patients and caregivers

The Wellness Network helps providers easily reinforce their guidance with patients and caregivers using more videos delivered via more channels—reaching them with the right education, at the right time, and in their preferred format on the device that’s already part of the patient experience.

As patients receive in-hospital care, they’re especially receptive to learning how to navigate the health care system and manage and improve their health. Reach and educate them with The Wellness Network’s five targeted hospital television channels including:

  • The Newborn Channel (maternity)
  • MedSerenity (relaxation techniques)
  • HeartCare Channel (cardiovascular health, developed in partnership with the American Heart Association)
  • Patient Channel (acute care and hospital safety)
  • Connect (common area education and entertainment).

Let Krames show you how video can elevate patient experiences and outcomes



1 Hoek A, Anker S, van Beeck E, Burdorf A, Pleunie P, Haagsma J. Patient discharge instructions in the emergency department and their effects on comprehension and recall of discharge instructions: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Ann Emerg Med. 2020 Mar;75(3):435-444.