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The National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) provides hope for those suffering from pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer by funding cutting edge research, advocating for new and better therapies, and providing support and education for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. The NPF is the only foundation dedicated to patients who are suffering from all forms of pancreas disease—pediatric pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, and pancreatic cancer.

Once someone is diagnosed with pancreas disease, they likely need to make changes to their nutrition. That’s why the NPF partnered with Sally Sampson—the founder of ChopChop Family and author of numerous cookbooks, and whose daughter suffers from pancreatitis—in 2010 to create a PDF recipe book. In 2019 they decided to revamp the cookbook, but they had bigger plans for the new version.

“We knew it would be a large project and we wanted it to be as seamless and professional as possible. We felt Krames could produce those results.”
National Programs Coordinator at the National Pancreas Foundation

Cooking up a multi-dimensional resource

Due to the high demand for the previous version, NPF wanted to not only create more user-friendly digital versions, but offer a print version as well. They wanted to make the most of their grant from Abbvie, and decided to team up with Krames after their first meeting due to the staff, their reputation, and broad portfolio of product offerings. The process was quick and painless, and produced a convenient and professional result.

“The team was very receptive and swift about changes or issues that the NPF staff had.”
National Programs Coordinator at the National Pancreas Foundation

Platinum Site BugThe new version includes recipes from the former cookbook and new additions from Dr. Julia Greer’s cookbook, The Anti-Cancer Diet. Dr. Anna Evans Phillips and Dr. Chris Forsmark contributed as well, and together with Krames, created the MarCom Platinum Award winning Healthy Family Recipes for Pancreas Disease Cookbookavailable as an E-Flip Book, a printed cookbook and a digital pocket guide. Krames designed, produced and continues to distribute copies to NPF as needed. 

Reaching people in their preferred format

The cookbook is promoted on the NPF YouTube channel, in their newsletter and on social media. There have been nearly 100,000 downloads and more than 500 printed copies sold. The pocket guide—a variation added during the process—is very popular with patients and providers alike. It ensures that patients on-the-go have access to tips for enjoying nutritious foods while living with pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. The cookbook is one of many ways NPF shares information, fosters hope, and makes a difference for people with pancreatic disease.



The NPF was so happy with the collaboration with Krames, they’ve already begun their next project—a digital guide for Black/African Americans living with and wanting to learn more about pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. 


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