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Patients, families, and caregivers want more information about, and collaboration in, care decisions. But achieving good communication among those involved in patient care can be challenging as hospital stays are shorter, medical care is more technologically complex, and resources are constrained.1  

Legacy Health—a leading health system in the Pacific Northwest—sought to improve patient communication and activation with the launch and adoption of MyHealth patient portal. Partnering with Krames, they integrated evidence-based patient education directly into their portal for patients to access. Using Krames Infobutton solution, education based on patient diagnosis code is retrieved and delivered at all stages of the patient’s health care journey. It streamlines workflows for clinicians within the EHR and brings the same ease to patients.  

Activating adoption

Realizing that even the best communication plans and innovative technologies need widespread adoption to succeed, Legacy Health laid groundwork to bolster the introduction and use of MyHealth. They created a comprehensive marketing campaign that included MyHealth signage, elevator wraps in high-traffic areas, educational materials, and email campaigns. Engaged providers and clinical staff served as champions in promoting MyHealth to patients. Technical support was available via chat. Their patient education team also worked with Krames to learn more about Infobutton’s data analytics to help inform future health education decisions.  

MyHealth_loginpagelogin page for MyHealth—powered by Legacy health

Strong and steady outcomes

Krames helped deliver impressive levels of MyHealth adoption and utilization (February through December, 2020):

  • 187,067 Infobutton page views
  • 162,333 Infobutton sessions
  • 6,700 users accessed Krames evidence-based content each month
  • Real-time content updates keep patients educated on COVID-19

“Krames Infobutton is a key component in our health system’s strategy to partner with patients, families, and caregivers and to work together to achieve optimal health outcomes. With Infobutton, our clinicians are confident that their patients have seamless access to high-quality health education content that’s up-to-date, credible, engaging, and relevant to the patient’s individual needs.”

Nellie Crawford, MSN, RN, Nursing administration patient education specialist, Legacy Health

Improving clinical workflows and patient experiences

Krames Infobutton solution enables Legacy Health to optimize their MyHealth patient portal with:

  • Ability to educate patients on their health beyond the clinical setting, via the patient portal        
  • Quick access to continuously updated patient education in EHR while eliminating quarterly uploads        
  • Search function to find clinical content (rather than manually searching Krames On-Demand® folders) based on the patient's condition or medications.
  • Delivery of Krames patient education resources—HealthSheets™, videos, and medication instructions
  • Patient education available in multiple languages
  • Ability to track patient education shared through patient portal or in print        
  • Improved patient understanding and experience


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1 Patient care and information. American Hospital Association Web site. Accessed April 6, 2021.