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61% of consumers say that they’re more likely to buy from a company that provides customized content.1 Does your health content need a checkup so you can better reengage patients?

As COVID-19 limitations start lifting across the country, it’s more critical than ever to share compelling content that motivates your audience to take action. Health care organizations need to reengage patients, assuring them it’s safe to resume care and reschedule canceled procedures. However, the pandemic has caused substantial budget and staffing cuts, alongside pressure from executives to regenerate revenue. Producing high-quality content can seem quite difficult when you’re short on time, expertise, and money.

Here are five tips to help you lighten the lift:

Create close connections

Not everything has to be written from scratch. You can refresh existing health content with a new introduction or focus that acknowledges today’s COVID-19 environment. The goal should be to cover what matters most right now to patients. What do they care about, and how can you meet their needs? Ask yourself these questions, and ensure your content focuses on the answers.

Take a personal approach

Personalize your content so that it speaks directly to patients who are worried about coronavirus. Assure them they can feel safe in your facilities by conveying the specific procedures you’re following to protect them. Explain why they shouldn’t let concern keep them from receiving proper care. Consider your tone—empathy can go a long way here.

Highlight the importance

Stress the importance of keeping certain types of appointments, such as cancer screenings, vaccinations, exams for chronic health conditions, and surgeries that shouldn’t be postponed. Consider phrasing it in terms of how the procedure will benefit them vs. what they’re risking if they don’t pursue it.

Put patients on the right path

Consider complementing your health content with an interactive online tool that walks consumers through common conditions and provides education on the next steps in care. Feeling supported from the get-go, consumers may follow it from your website right to your exam room. 

Mix it up

Offer a mix of health content that empowers people to take care of themselves and promotional content that explains how you can help. By blending the two types of messaging, you’ll give them care while gaining their trust.

Want more on how to create healthy content? Download our content checkup tip sheet, and explore how StayWell can give you a quick start.


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