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Patient Care Coordination And Communication

Enhancing the customer experience and coordination of care can improve your members' satisfaction with your organization. Equip care managers and health coaches with up-to-date education and useful tools they can offer and customize for members through your care management and coaching programs with Care Connector™.

A personal approach to coordination of care

Offer continuously updated educational resources that help holistically address your members' specific conditions, medications, and lifestyle. They're developed using best-in-class and evidence-based methodologies that support providers' recommendations, including video resources that promote health literacy and engagement.

Efficient content delivery

Allow care managers to easily access content, while marking their favorites and organizing it into folders shared across the team. They can send educational tools directly to your members and view their interactions with it, and easily see what other managers have shared with members too

Inspiration for patient care coordination change

Deliver actionable education that encourages members to make behavior changes and live healthier lifestyles. Care managers can choose and personalize resources—developed on the science of behavior change—based on the member's profile to motivate improvements for their health and well-being.

Improved workflow and time savings

Seamless integration with your existing member management technology rids the need to manage multiple apps and workflows. By providing this functionality and eliminating quarterly content updates, the app lightens the IT lift; while care managers gain the benefits of a streamlined workflow.

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