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In-Hospital Patient Education Channels

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Our TV solutions help you educate viewers on critical topics and promote your hospital services and initiatives. Take control of your in-hospital televisions with a looped TV channel based on your site-specific clinical initiatives and patient population needs. With several options from which to choose, we help you reach your target population and positively influence the viewing experience.


Our waiting room, common room, and in-room channel with deeply moving health content that inspires and connects with patients, leading to patient resilience during treatment and helpful content during and after. The WebMD TV channel compliments the educational channels and is open to a variety of patients with content that engages, relaxes, and reinforces hospital initiatives.

Patient Channel

The largest and most comprehensive in-hospital health education television network in use by healthcare providers today is the Patient Channel. This powerful resource extends your health education capabilities and helps to inform, empower, and engage patients, families, and their caregivers at a time when they are seeking information.

HeartCare Channel

Delivers educational programming to support heart and stroke patient recovery. An educational resource of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association,all content is developed in conjunction with leading professional health organizations and reviewed by an external medical advisory board, is up-to-date, accurate and engaging.

Newborn Channel

A trusted resource since 1992, the Newborn Channel improves the quality, effectiveness and reach of your facility’s maternal education efforts.Our library of high quality video education delivers engaging and up-to-date educational messages throughout the patient journey − from pregnancy and delivery to post discharge.

MedSerenity Channel

Delivers educational programming that supports patients with pain relief, anxiety reduction, improved sleep, and overall peace of mind. Using spoken word, meditation, visualization techniques, guided imagery, natural scenery and more, MedSerenity Channel helps improve overall patient satisfaction and enhance non-pharmacologic pain management. These can be effective tools to counteract impediments to recovery, like stress of illness and hospitalization.

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