With science-based health coaching strategies and techniques, your employees can get the guidance and motivation they need to manage their modifiable health risks, such as high weight, high stress, and inadequate sleep. They may be ready now or maybe they haven’t yet thought to make a change—wherever they are in the health journey, a health coach can help them address their own personal lifestyle risks to avoid or manage chronic conditions. While you reduce your health care costs.

Personalized programs

Health coachesincluding registered dietitians, nurses, and personal trainers—help people set goals, identify obstacles, and find solutions, creating buy-in and personalizing the experience to their needs. Our approach follows established behavior change science to address their goals, as well as their emotional triggers, barriers, willpower, beliefs, and current stage of readiness to change—while using the modalities that work for them.

Omnichannel support that fits your population

Customize your coaching solutions to meet the specific needs of your employee population, choosing from:

  • Individual supported coaching – A health coach provides one-on-one coaching sessions by phone or video conference.
  • Group coaching – A health coach leads a virtual or on-site program, powered by social support, that addresses specific areas such as diabetes prevention and high-risk weight management.
  • Disease management – A nurse provides both online tools and personalized coaching to help participants understand and manage specific chronic conditions.

"The StayWell coaching and goal support provided the reset I needed to get my life back in balance. After one year, I was meeting my life goals and had reestablished a strong support system. I highly recommend it."

– Kimberlee at BP America

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