Key to building a healthy culture is strong communication that makes employees aware of your well-being program, gets them excited and talking about it, and encourages their ongoing feedback for you to continuously improve on it. Deeply rooted in the science of behavior change, our communications solutions are designed to achieve these objectives while meeting the unique needs of your populations.

Participant engagement

The more your employees engage in your program, the more you improve your company’s net health and bring down your health care costs.1 Understanding that each workforce is different, we offer the following tailored solutions and strategies designed specifically for your organization to reach and connect with its populations, and increase engagement in your well-being program.

Communications toolkits

Easily tailor and distribute digital communications to your employee populations with a user-friendly, intuitive marketing dashboard.

Communications planning

Utilize a best-practice communications calendar and digital templates to raise awareness and educate employees on your well-being program.


Marketing analytics

Assess the performance of your email campaigns to continuously optimize your digital communications strategy.

Personalized premium campaigns

Choose from advanced campaign themes and additional templates and tools to personalize communications with our premium option.

Additional personalization

Access highly personalized consultation and support for engagement campaigns through StayWell's in-house creative services team. Our experts can help you further engage participants, so they understand how your program can profoundly impact their health, and their lives for years to come.