Each person's unique circumstances contribute to their lifestyle risks and behaviors. By tracking and monitoring health information over time, we can deeply personalize their experience to help them change their lifestyle for a healthier future.

Health risk assessment

On our clinically validated health risk assessment (HRA), participants answer a series of simple questions. These answers then generate an evidence-based portrait of their health. They can also sync data from their medical records to seamlessly populate the answers.

Health risk determination

Our HRA calculates Framingham risk scores, an algorithm used to estimate a person's 10-year cardiovascular risks and eight-year likelihood of developing diabetes. The personalized report displays the person's risk for numerous lifestyle and chronic conditions, to identify areas for improvement and courses of action. 

Biometric screenings

A full spectrum of biometric health screening services can further inform each participant's roadmap to health and your employee population's health evaluation. Our professional staff has years of experience spanning multiple industries to accommodate varying worksites and populations with screening and flu shot event planning, coordination, and promotion. We also partner with trusted vendors, handle online and paper appointment registration, and manage risk data reporting and aggregation.

Influenza immunizations

The flu causes employees to miss 17 million workdays a year, costing employers $7 billion.1 By offering an on-site flu shot clinic or voucher program, you can reduce the risk of your employees contracting and spreading the flu and missing out on work, while increasing their productivity. We can help you implement flu and other immunization programs—as a standalone option or as part of a comprehensive well-being program.

Personalized goals

Use data to drive action, create meaningful engagement, and measure outcomes with employee well-being. The My StayWell Platform displays a private vitals dashboard for each participant, which they can use to track and monitor their HRA and biometric information, including their weight, blood pressure, and heart rate. By visualizing trends and viewing real-time progress, including from their participation in behavior change programs like health coaching (based on their eligibility), they can see—and celebrate!—their fulfillment of automated health goals.