Health Assessment

  • Simple, powerful, mobile-accessible tool provides an informative picture of each individual's health in just minutes.
  • Algorithms identify improvement areas and potential courses of action for both lifestyle and chronic conditions

Biometric Screenings

  • StayWell coordinates all screening so you don't have to
  • Each appointment provides immediate results, a 3-5 minute consultation and a referral to appropriate resources

Reporting Tools

  • Customized to KPIs specific to your company's program
  • Includes program usage, national benchmarks and more

Tracking Devices

  • Validic integration: Access data from hundreds of fitness and health tracking devices
  • Employees can use the device of their choice
  • Increases participation
  • Provides verifiable data to set individual goals and track challenges

With all data we collect, you can accurately measure your KPIs and get a clear picture of your program's ROI and overall effectiveness. You'll also get a clear picture of how much healthier and satisfied your workforce can be.


Interested in learning more about assessments and reporting?