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Empower patients and improve outcomes with our comprehensive cardiac rehab workbook and DVD set.

An Active Partnership for the Health of Your Heart

This self-guided patient education tool can drive your cardiac rehab program or can be given to patients unable to attend a formal cardiac rehab program.

Helps patients change behavior.

The workbook and DVD offer the encouragement, knowledge and resources participants need to communicate with their healthcare team, manage their medications and make lasting lifestyle changes.

Action-driven content includes:

  • Personal quotes to help readers identify with life situations
  • Charts, records and logs to help patients collect and record vital information
  • Checklists and visual cues to speed comprehension

The DVD features 90 minutes of skill building video covering diet, exercise, medication management and more. Additional copies of the DVD may be purchased separately for family, friends and caregivers. Learn more.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of self-management
  • Improving communication
  • Taking control of medicines
  • Eating well
  • Physical activity


  • Losing weight
  • Reducing stress
  • Feelings and support
  • Smoking cessation
Active Partnership for the Health of Your Heart

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   200+ copies


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